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About us

Eye examination

Examination by an ophthalmologist on the agreed date.
We provide vision measurement by a qualified optometrist.
Our opticians and optometrists will help you choose a frame that will underline your personality.

Children optics

Examination by a pediatric ophthalmologist on a date, without waiting.
Amounts of frames that your child will adore.

Lenses Center

We are an application center for hard and soft contact lenses.
Keratoconus is a diagnosis that we will teach you to fight.
We have a wide selection even for the demanding ones.
Colored contact lenses? Modern and image diversification of your appearance.

We choose the best discount products for you

vysetrenie oci

Welcome to our eye optics.

Lens Optik De Rossi is an ophthalmic optics lead by Ms. Angelika De Rossi since 1988. She is an optometrist and founder of the first lens center in Slovakia focused on keratoconus, helping build the awareness of experts in optical aids for more than 30 years. Our goal is to treat you like our family and recommend what is the best for your eyes. Our service consists of complex eye examinations of children and adults, examinations for contact lenses, medical examinations and making the diagnoses such as keratoconus, astigmatism, dry eye syndrome and various others. We are equipped with the latest technology and we have a wide range of spectacle frames that will underline your personality. We cooperate with renowned companies whose quality spectacle lenses will make you happy and serve you to your satisfaction for a long time.