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Keratoconus is characterized by irregular thinning of the thickness and arching of the cornea. When the corneal thinning exceeds a certain limit, swelling, damage and blurred vision can occur, in some cases even a rupture. Blurred visual perception is one of the first and most common symptoms of keratoconus. In addition to blurred vision, the cone-shaped cornea can also be sensitive to light and reflections.


Eyesight gradually deteriorates with keratoconus and can develop unnoticed for a very long time, so prevention is important. It usually begins to appear in people aged 10 to 25 years, a typical feature is mistaking of letters and numbers (3 for 8, E and F, etc.) or regular eye pain, which can be mistakenly attributed to e.g. a fatigue. Heredity, stress, lifestyle, or excessive sunlight can participate in its creation.

Keratoconus is our specialty. Although the disease is still not completely curable, with early diagnosis it can be very well alleviated with the help of the most modern methods. A slit-lamp examination, an autorefractkeratometer and a keratograph assist us to do so. We solve keratoconus most often with an optical aid called a hard contact lens, which partially balances the shape of the keratoconus cornea. It is tailor-made for each patient and, despite its small diameter, ensures high quality vision. Tears have a good exchange under hard contact lenses, which increases their lifespan up to 1-2 years and reduces maintenance requirements. Hard contact lenses can be worn daily for more than 10 hours and are used for any irregular corneal shape.

At Lens Optik de Rossi, we work with the healthiest material on the market, which is produced in Switzerland. In our lens center, we will teach you to apply hard contact lenses and guide you how to take care of them. With us, your eyes are in the right hands.

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